Puppy Jake Foundation provides service dogs to perform tasks and provide companionship for American veterans with disabilities, all at no cost to the veterans or their families.

The estimated cost of each service dog, from birth to placement, is exceeds $25,000. The expenses of a Puppy Jake service dog range from: 

  • Purchase of purebred puppy - $3,000
  • Veterinary care for a year - $4,000
  • Training for a year - $10,000
  • One year of food - $576
  • Crate - $75
  • One month of food - $48
  • Training vest, backpack and bandana - $80
  • Collar & leash - $30

Each donation matters. Show your support by giving what you can and help a veteran who gave so much for our country. You can also make a donation to honor a loved one – whether it’s a friend, family member or fallen soldier.

Make your donation today!

To make a contribution by mail, please send your check payable to Puppy Jake Foundation to: Puppy Jake Foundation, P.O. Box 12220, Des Moines, IA 50312