How it Works

Puppy Jake Foundation purchases high quality, pure bred puppies from reputable breeders. This includes Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. Volunteers raise the puppies with the majority of expenses paid by donations to the Foundation.  Additionally, Puppy Jake Foundtion has begun to work with rescue and shelter organizations to identify dogs that may be able to enter the service dog training program.

The puppies have a very structured training environment and schedule. All puppies, with their puppy raiser, attend regular and mandatory training classes. Puppies are evaluated every month to ensure they have met their goals and milestones.

Trained medical professionals, in conjunction with military organizations, conduct the selection of veterans that receive a service dog. The veteran and trained service dog attend a 10-14 day camp to ensure the bond between the two is strong.  The training of the veteran/service dog team continues regularly for the first year of placement.  Follow up and training continues for the life of the service dog.

Why We Do It

The waiting list for service dogs for our veterans is growing, as is the number of US Armed Services members suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or physical mobility issues. Service dogs assist veterans in performing tasks, and are proven to help cope with anxieties or loneliness.

While the need for service dogs is critical, there are still many challenges that people still experience when accompanied by a service dog:

  • Refusal to enter establishments
  • Lack of knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Inappropriate and illegal questions to document or prove one’s disability

The Puppy Jake Foundation continues to work on areas of advocacy and awareness regarding the need, accessibility and legality of the role of service dogs. 

What Sets Us Apart

Puppy Jake Foundation's criteria to train the best service dog possible for a wounded military veteran includes:

  • Volunteer Orientation, including required attendance for observation at Training Classes
  • Mandatory weekly classes, outings, retreats and travel training trips
  • Puppy Sitters to assist as back-ups for Puppy Raisers and Foster Families
  • Extensive training with the Veteran and family members
  • Follow up training with the Graduate Team for the life of the service dog